The final workshop at The Salon was: Exploring Goshen’s Third Side:  “When spider webs unite, they can halt even the lion”

Led by Philip Thomas, the event provided a space to reflect on some of the themes that emerged over the month, particulalrly with respect to immigration and the ways we relate to each other as a community.

The workshop was centered around the TED Talk by William Ury, The walk from “no” to “yes”


In social change processes, there are often many different roles that are required to effectively achieve lasting change. The video introduced the concept of “the third side” developed in the fields of peace building and conflict transformation, which was used as an orienting framework for participants to engage in brainstorming and planning potential strategies for continuing to ensure Goshen remains a community known for its capacity to preserve unity while respecting its rich diversity through the practices of tolerance, hospitality, equity and dialogue.

Slides from the workshop are posted below: